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During the journey of 3 decades of establishment and development, along with the mission of taking care of the community's health, TV.PHARM has always shared responsibility with the community through many charity programs such as medical examination and treatment, development free medicine for people in remote areas; Donating drugs and medical supplies to hospitals; The school fund suddenly followed me to school;…

Following that precious tradition, the "DONG TAM" fund was established towards the 30th Anniversary of TV.PHARM. The Fund calls for donations and support from the entire TV.PHARM family, in order to continue TV.PHARM's tradition of sharing with the community as well as connect all employees and the company to promote the spirit of mutual support. difficult situations in society.

TV.PHARM launches the campaign “30 days to raise money for DONG TAM”

The campaign was launched to all departments and branches of TV.PHARM. In each department, the branch will place 1 piggy bank and call for contributions from TV.PHARM staff to the DONG TAM fund.

The piggy bank "calls" to raise funds

After 1 month of launching, the 30-day fundraising campaign "DONG TAM" ended with the amount of 95,757,500 VND donated from all departments and branches of TV.PHARM. The collected funds will be contributed to 2 volunteer programs that are running in association with TV.PHARM, which is the program "Following children to school" and volunteering activities of the North Central South Volunteer Club.

The Board of Directors responded to the campaign

Departments and branches unanimously contribute to the fund

Festival "opening pig"